LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: Devotion for Friday September 2, 2016

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: Devotion for Friday September 2, 2016

Text: Genesis 26:1 – 11               Memory verse: Genesis 26:7

Most behavioural traits of any man are usually transferred to his child. Outside that, most children copy what their father do a lot and grow up with them. Again, most men always like their son to take after them. My dad was a teacher. After my secondary school education, he talked me into going to a Teacher Training College. Then I hadn’t any courage to challenge him. I obliged.

In Genesis 12:10–19 we have the story of how Abram went to Egypt and told lies that Sarai is his sister. In the real sense, Sarah was related to him but now she is the wife and he ought to have acknowledged that. Instead, he talked Sarah into agreeing with him that she was the sister.

God had told him to go to Canaan but due to famine, he left for Egypt. He didn’t ask God before he left. The consequence of that visit was Haggai the mother of Ishmael. Here is a similar lie by his son, Isaac in Gerar, an ancient city south of Gaza in the land of Philistine. Isaac was on his way to Egypt too when God stopped him (26:2, 3). Moses, of the tribe of Levi didn’t enter into the Promised Land because of anger (Num 20:8–11). This was the trait he inherited from his forefathers, Levi (Gen. 49:5, 6).

Beloved in Christ, we should understand that most of our behavioural traits are transferable. Therefore, as parents, we should be wise to ask God to deliver us from any trait in us that is not godly. Do you have a bad behaviour like anger, hatred, greed, pride, etc? Please ask God to deliver you out of it. Moses lived 120 years and used it to labour for his people. Because of anger, he was not part of the climax of his labour. This was very unfortunate. Had Abram not gone to Egypt, Haggai wouldn’t have come into his house. Are you still living in sin? Then you are like your father the devil (Jn. 8:41–44). Repent now because those who live in sin are not the sons of God.

Food for Thought: Malachi 1:6

Prayer: God, you are my Father. Deliver me from the power of sin because anyone living in sin is a son of the devil.

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