God’s Love For The Unfaithful: Devotion for Wednesday October 12, 2016

Gods Love For The Unfaithful: Devotion for Wednesday October 12, 2016

Text: Hosea 2:13 – 23         Memory verse: Hosea 2 verse 19

Baal, Covenant, Daily, Devotion, God, Hosea, Idolatry, Israel, Justice, Love, Marriage, Righteousness, Unfaithful

In the book of Isaiah chapter five, we have God’s lamentation of unfruitfulness of His vineyard, Israel. The nation of Israel is not only unfruitful but also unfaithful to God. The unfaithfulness of Israel to God is the central message of the book of Hosea. The book of Hosea is a love story, which is true, real and tragic, used to describe Israel and God. It tells of God’s love for His people and their response to Him.

In our text for today’s bible reading, is a marriage engagement from God to His loved one Israel. He had shown them righteousness, justice, unfailing love and compassion, not minding her unfaithfulness. Unfortunately, the Israelis failed God in all ramifications. They were easily enticed by the ungodly lifestyle of their neighbours who worship idols especially Baal. This action attracted God’s anger (Ezek. 15:8). The attraction to the worship of Baal started before they settled in the Promised Land. You can recall how Aaron made the golden calf in the wilderness to reflect the gods some other nations worship. Idolatry had been a long time problem with the nation Israel.

Ironically, all efforts made by God to draw them back seem fruitless. However, He was not willing to let His chosen ones go like that hence this message from Hosea. Today, many of us have been unfaithful to God in many areas of our lives and relationship with Him. Don’t just jump to conclusion that you are not. Rather, search your conscience and find out the areas you have been unfaithful and repent of them. Remember what 1 Jn. 1:8 says. God’s decision here is a challenge for us Christians who will not want to forgive our enemies. Do we show compassion to those who are unfaithful to us? We should be considerate and compassionate on all who ‘offend’ us and love them. We are called to be like God (1 John 3:1 & 2). God forgives us not by our own merit but by His grace (Romans 5:8 & Galatians 2:5). Are you will to accept that forgiveness He is offering you today?

Food for Thought: How faithful are you to God as required in the New Covenant with Him?

Prayer: Almighty God and my Father, help me to be faithful always to you in all things in Jesus name.

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