Few days ago as we were in the family devotion, when God ministered to me that seeing a new day is another opportunity or second chance to right our wrongs of the past. I thought about it for a while and it dawn on me that indeed, God doesn’t preserve us for a new day without a purpose. His reason for granting us the opportunity to see a new day is for us to amend our ways or strengthen our ways. In either case, the purpose is for our good. God gives us opportunity to go and preach the gospel which we couldn’t preach the previous day or in the days past. He preserves us so we can be useful to Him and humanity. This is a very important truth we must get into our heads. There is a reason you are alive today.

On daily basis, we left undone what we ought to have done, doing what we ought not to have done. Most of us laugh over them thinking that God understands. Yes! He understands that is why He gives us second chance to amend our past and right our wrongs. However, a day will come when He will no longer grant us that another opportunity. What will you do then? How will you right the wrongs you postponed? How will you bring back the opportunity to reconcile with that your neighbour? Second chance is not eternity. It has some limits. When we undermine another opportunity God gives to us, we will account for them on the day of reckoning.

Again, we should always be grateful to God when He gives us another opportunity because not every human being had such opportunity. Some of those who died in the past night were thinking of how to right their wrongs where they failed in that relationship, business, investment, project, etc, while some where planning on how to maximize another opportunity they will have the following day. But it never happened! Therefore, be grateful when such opportunity come your way and make good and appropriate use of the opportunity to the service of man and humanity.

Brothers and sisters, as you go out today, make sure you maximize your another opportunity to the fullest because another opportunity or second chance may never come your way again. This day may be your last opportunity. Make good use of it to its fullest and to the glory of God.

Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma

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