ONLY GOD SPEAKS AND IT COMES TO PASS: Devotion for Tuesday November 22, 2016

Text: Lamentation 3: 37 – 41               Memory verse: v 37

Psalm 33:9 says “For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.” Indeed it only God whose word stands. It is only God who speaks and it is done. Anything said by man can only come to pass when God gives His approval. John Wesley’s opinion is that “Nothing comes to pass in the world, but by the disposal of divine providence.” Actually there is power in spoken word. For this reason many people easily become afraid when negative things are said about them. However, this passage is a source of encouragement for us because “God’s control over all human affairs is unlimited; no counsel of men can be accomplished which is contrary to His high purpose” so says Family Bible Notes.

Beloved, has anyone spoken negative words against you? Is it that the doctor’s report says you will die? Is it that there is someone in your office, neighbourhood, school that has boasted to deal with you or that you will die this year? Never mind, they are not your God. All their threats are noise making because God is not in it. Did God say you will die this year? Your destiny is with God and not with man. What He says is what matters. Therefore don’t be afraid of man’s report rather believe God for His word is final.

Food for Thought: God has the final say on your affairs and not man

Prayer: God, I cancel every negative word against me and my family.

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