Topic: ARE YOU AT EASE?                

Text: Amos 6:1 – 7

In the book Revelation, one problem with the church at Laodicea was lukewarm. They were neither cold nor hot. What led them into being lukewarm was the wealth they enjoyed (Revelation 3:17). This made God to rebuke them (Revelation 3:19), warning them to repent (See full story in Revelation 3:14 – 22). That story is very similar to our text for the day. Our bible reading centres on dangers of luxury and false security.

Usually, times of continued worldly prosperity and alliance with political leadership are full of danger to the cause of Christianity. There is always the tendency to bring into the church luxury, pride, vain show, and indifference to God’s service, with all the gross sins that naturally follow in their train. Thus the professors of godliness dishonour Christ before the world, lose their power over men’s consciences, and make it necessary that God should purify His church by His judgments.” This was the reason why Amos denounced those that are at ease in Zion. The people in question are men and women who have so much confidence in their wealth and their connections. This attitude is dangerous and God condemns it whole and entire (see Psalm 146:3 & Isaiah 31:3).

It was on this basis that Family Bible Notes admonished that “The numerous examples on record of great and often very sudden changes from a state of ease and comfort to one of deep affliction, ought to be a solemn warning to us of the present day not to abuse the great prosperity which God is bestowing upon us, lest He cause our sun also to go down at noon, and darken our land in the clear day, as he did with ancient Israel (Amos 8:9).” Do you trust your riches and now complacent on the things of God? Do you belong to the group that feels all is well because you have money and can get whatever you want at beck and call? Know that God is the owner of whatever you have and He is the only one that can connect us and not man. Trust God and not your riches for wealth are deceptive.

Food for Thought: Do you abuse the great prosperity God has bestowed on you?

Memory verse: Amos 6 verse 1

Prayer: God, remove every spirit of complacency in me in respect of serving you and help me not to be at ease because of my wealth in Jesus name.

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