An Industrious Lady


Devotion for Wednesday January 18, 2017

Topic: An Industrious Lady

Text: Ruth 2: 1 – 3                 

We find in this book called Ruth, excellent examples of faith, piety, patience, humility, industry, and loving-kindness, in the common events of life as demonstrated by Ruth and Naomi. Now Ruth had made her home in a foreign land. Instead of depending on Naomi or waiting for good fortune to happen, she took the initiative. She went to work. She was not afraid of admitting her need or working hard to supply it.

When Ruth went out to the fields, God provided for her. If you are waiting for God to provide, consider this: He may be waiting for you to take the first step to demonstrate just how important your need is. This is what most people don’t know about Providence. God is ever working.

Again, He has deposited great talents in us to make a living and be a blessing to our generation. Unfortunately, many of us have been blinded to the diverse opportunities beckoning on us. Just as we saw yesterday, we shouldn’t allow our immediate environment, our lineage, etc., to block our view of what lies ahead of us. Ruth went out to work even in a foreign land. Why can’t you work?

On the day I wrote this devotion, I read the story of Jennifer Adokorach from northern Uganda who was paralyzed at 5years as a result of injection in a hospital, but rose through primary school to a university with that paralysis. As she wasn’t employed after studies because she was paralyzed, she started farming and from the proceeds, she opened a hair dressing saloon. She now takes care of her aged mother and her 3 nephews – two in the university and one in secondary school. She is presently contesting for District Councillorship position and hopes to run for the Parliament in future.

If this woman, Jennifer Adokorach can go this far, what stops you? Think about it and be industrious.

Food for Thought: What are your excuses for not working hard enough?

Memory verse: Ruth 2 v 2 – Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, “Let me go to the field and glean among the ears of grain after him in whose sight I shall find favour.” And she said to her, “Go, my daughter.”

Prayer: Make me industrious, O Lord that I will have enough for my family, dependants and the needy around me.

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