They Will Fail

Devotion for Tuesday February 28, 2017 

Topic: They Will Fail

Text: Jeremiah 1:14 – 19

When God calls us, He gives us details about the intricacies and all that is involved in the call. He tells us what we will benefit and what we will suffer in the process. When God called me into the fulltime ministry, He used Isaiah 43:1 – 10. It has manifested in my life. So He tells us beforehand what we will face in this ministry before they even start manifesting.

This chapter is on the call of Jeremiah with assurance in 1:8. He clearly told him that they will surely fight against him but can’t prevail because God was determined to defend and support him against all his enemies. We know all that Jeremiah suffered; how he was jailed, thrown into a pit and many other things that he suffered. However, in all those trials, persecutions and attack, God saw him through.

Every Christian has a call; a call to live righteously, resist the devil, overcome the world so as to receive a reward at the end. Jesus made it abundantly clear in the bible that in this world we will suffer for His sake. Nevertheless, we should be of good cheers because he has secured our victory (Jn. 16:33). As long as we are in this world, tribulations, trials, temptations will come. They will fight against you but they will not prevail. God will defend you. Are you afraid and has become discouraged? Look up unto God and be focused. God is by your side to fight for you. Just hold your peace.

Food for Thought: Jeremiah 20:10

Memory verse: Jeremiah 1:8

Prayer: God, thank you for your word. Increase my faith and remove any atom of fear in me. Always defend me according to your promises in Jesus name. Amen.

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