No Excuse (VII)


Devotion for Saturday March 18, 2017

Topic: No Excuse (VII)  

Text: Revelation 3:14 – 22

Laodicea was a commercial city and the wealthiest of the seven cities. It was known for its banking industry, manufacture of wool, and a medical school that produced eye ointment. The church there had become lukewarm and thus unpleasant and disgusting. They didn’t take a stand for anything; indifference led them to idleness and complacency. By neglecting to do anything for Christ, the church became hardened and self-satisfied, which led to its spiritual ruin.

Nothing disgusts more than a half-hearted, nominal and self-sufficient Christian. Such people will never seek counsel or make time to fast and pray. God uses things familiar to us in teaching us moral lessons. Laodicea had always had problem with water supply and the water that flows into the city from an aqueduct get there not hot nor refreshingly cool but lukewarm. This was a perfect description of this church.

Today, some of us believe that many material possessions are signs of God’s spiritual blessing. Laodicea was a wealthy city, and the church was also wealthy. But what they could see and buy had become more valuable to them than what is unseen and eternal. Wealth, luxury, and ease can make people feel confident, satisfied, and complacent. But no matter how much you possess or money you make, you have nothing if you don’t have a vital relationship with Christ. How does your current level of wealth affect your spiritual desire? Instead of centring your life primarily on comfort and luxury, find your true riches in Christ. Your wealth should not be an excuse.

Food for Thought: Revelation 3:18

Memory verse: Revelation 3 verse 19

Prayer: God, heal me of complacency and being lukewarm to your service in Jesus name. Amen.

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