They Had Been With Jesus


Devotion for Thursday March 23, 2017

Topic: They Had Been With Jesus

Text: Acts 4:13 – 14

Any Christian whose life has not been thoroughly transformed is a mistake. There must be an all-round transformation of the life of a Christian in his thoughts, actions, reactions, words, etc. Jesus doesn’t abandon His halfway. After Peter had addressed the gathering as we read yesterday, they saw the boldness of the disciples and realized that they had been with Jesus.

Despite the fact that Peter and his colleagues didn’t receive formal education or training, yet they were bold, composed, confident, and undaunted as they defended their act of healing the man born lame. As the apostles stood there with the healed cripple, speaking with authority, the members of the council recognized them as men who had been with Jesus. Their boldness was possible because they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Being with Jesus should be seen in our lives. These men stayed only three years with Jesus. Some of us have been in the church for over three years and above. What have we to show that we have been with Jesus all these years? How bold are we when telling others about our faith? There should be an all-round transformation of our lives; our words should be reformed, our emotions, temperament, desire must be moderated and brought under control or else people will not see us as Christians. Let our lives shine as light for the world (Matt. 5:13 – 16).

Food for Thought: When people hear you speak, can they say, you have been with Jesus?

Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 1:27

Prayer: Make my life, O Lord, to reflect the true nature of Christ through my words and deeds.They Had Been With Jesus

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