The Power Of Unity


Devotion for Tuesday March 28, 2017

Topic: The Power Of Unity

Text: Acts 4:32 – 37

Unity is indispensable among Christians if they hope to achieve the mandate given by Christ to make disciples of all nations. This is so because no single Christian has all that is needed to build the body of Christ. All of us have diverse gifts that should be coordinated to build the church of God. Unity is possible where there is love.

The disciples were in one accord because they love one another. They were able to share possessions and property as a result of the unity brought by the Holy Spirit working in and through them. What they shared were offered voluntarily; they were basically things needed and giving up what one has for the good of other believers was not a membership requirement in order to be a part of the church. The spiritual unity and generosity of these early believers attracted others to them.

The way the disciples lived and shared things together in unity is an example for present day church but it may not be possible to do it exactly the way it was done by the early church. The organizational structure they used was not a command in the bible, but there are vital principles we can adopt to make our present day church more united and efficient in the task of discipleship.

What can you say about your church in terms of unity? Some Christians today are so selfish and self-centred that they find it hard to associate with others. This lack of oneness and unity is the reason why we find it hard to progress in our churches. If we can emulate the early church’s unity, we will certainly see unprecedented growth in our churches.

Food for thought: The best way to strengthen our faith and unity is to meet regularly for prayer, bible studies and worship.

Memory verse: Acts 2:44

Prayer: Lord God, unite your church and make Christians to live in one accord as it was in the early church.

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