Christ Died For Our Sins


Devotion for Monday April 17, 2017

Topic: Christ Died For Our Sins

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:1 – 11

Our bible reading today can be likened to our statement of faith (The creed) because it contains the summary of what Jesus did to save humanity. Apostle Paul had to write this to allay the fears and doubts in the mind of some Corinthians because some people were teaching that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead. He stated that many people saw Jesus after His resurrection at different occasions. He listed some of them to include Peter; the 12 disciples; over 500 disciples (some who were still alive at the time he wrote this epistle); James (the half-brother of Jesus) and finally Paul himself.

The centre of Paul’s message here is that Jesus died for our sins. This should be a source of joy for us above every other thing we can think of in this life. If we understand the consequences of sin and its burden, we will appreciate that ultimate sacrifice of Jesus every day of our lives. That Jesus resurrected is a historical fact.

We should not be discouraged when people doubt or deny Christ’s resurrection. Rather we should be filled with hope because a day will come when all of us shall see the proof on His return. However, on the interim, we should always be grateful to God for sending Jesus Christ to die for us. Have you accepted that ultimate sacrifice by making Him your Lord and Saviour? A time will come it will be too late. Come to the Saviour today and make no delay.

Food for Thought: As Christ died for our sins, how best can we appreciate this kind gesture of God towards us?

Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 15 verse 3

Prayer: Lord God, help me to appreciate your love for me in dying for my sins.

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