Beware Of Covetousness


Devotion for Sunday April 23, 2017

Topic: Beware Of Covetousness

Text: Luke 12:15 – 21

People are of the opinion that life consist of what one possess. They forget that the length, usefulness, happiness of neither a man’s life in this world nor his eternal life hereafter, depend not upon the amount of his earthly possessions. It is man’s foolishness to think so. The tenth commandment says, “You shall not covet.” Jesus warns us here about the dangers of covetousness with the story in Luke 12:16–21. God took this man’s life because he failed to acknowledge Him as the source of all he had. Though sometimes it is necessary to have some of the world’s good things of life for our comfort and happiness, yet abundance is not necessarily essential. When we accumulate them in abundance for selfish reasons it amounts to covetousness. There are many dangers that go with covetousness. Covetousness killed Judas Iscariot. It turns people’s heart from following God. It makes people to kill, tell lies and it a result of greed. A covetous man will continue to acquire without getting satisfied. It can lead to the person losing the ones he already had. Covetousness can lead us into problem. Avoid it and learn to be contented with what you have. Those that will not be contented with what God has given to them will not be comfortable and satisfied with whatever they achieve. Therefore, beware!

Food for Thought: Ecclesiastics 5:10

Memory verse: 1 Timothy 6:7

Prayer: 1. God, uproot any form of covetousness in my life. 2. Grant me the grace to be content with your allotment for me in Jesus name.

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