Time To Seek The Lord


Devotion for Monday April 24, 2017

Topic: Time To Seek The Lord 

Text: Hosea 10:9 – 15

This month of April is said to have derived its name from the Latin verb aperio, which signifies to open, because it is the season the buds and blossoms begin to open. This is the reason Hosea used agricultural language to give his prophesy in such a season. It is my prayer that every bud of peace, progress, promotion, etc, will begin to open for you in Jesus name.

In asking God to open our buds in a bid that they will blossom, we should sincerely seek Him from our hearts by breaking up our fallowed ground and by sowing righteousness. This is what Hosea is telling us as here. He repeatedly uses illustrations about fields and crops and here he envisions a ploughed field. It is no longer stony and hard; it has been carefully prepared, and it is ready for planting. This is what the Israelis should make their life to become if they hope to escape the impending judgement of God upon them. No one should hope for a more permanent and total reformation which cannot start with thorough humiliation of the heart before God. Such heart should be prepared in meekness to receive the transformation from God.

Is your life ready for God to work in it? You can break up the unploughed ground of your heart by acknowledging your sins and receiving God’s forgiveness and guidance. This is the only way God can come into your life and transform it into a fruitful life that will glorify Him.

Food for Thought: Proverbs 11:18

Memory verse: Hosea 10 verse 12

Prayer: Grant me the spirit of humility, O Lord, to always acknowledge my sins in order to receive your forgiveness and blessings in Jesus name.

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