The Labourers Are Few


Devotion for Thursday April 27, 2017

Topic: The Labourers Are Few

Text: Luke 10:2

Jesus compared the work of evangelism and winning souls for the kingdom of heaven to a harvest—the gathering of new believers into His kingdom (see Jn. 4:35). Before someone can think of harvesting, one must have worked on the field or the farm. Lord Jesus had done all the things necessary for the salvation of humanity. He paid the ultimate price by shedding His blood and dying on the Cross of Calvary. No other work or sacrifice is needed to save man. The only task before us is to share the gospel message. Unfortunately, there are so few workers willing to gather those who desire to hear the gospel in.

God has work enough for everyone but who is actually interested to do the works He has designated for us? We shouldn’t fold our hand and watch other Christians do the work of evangelism and other works in the vineyard of God especially in the areas we are gifted or talented because the harvest is great. Beloved, are you one of the labourers in the vineyard of God? The labourers are few.

I have personally observed that majority in the church who claim they are Christians are never interested in evangelism. The reasons are not far-fetched. They are in the church but have not experienced the touch of God. You can’t experience the touch of God and keep quiet. The case of woman of Samaria (Jn. chapter 4) is a clear example. Again, some who have experienced the touch has lost their first love for God. In simple terms they have backslidden. They are the set of people described in Rev. 2:4 and 3:1. Are you among these people? There are counsels for you in Rev. 2:5 and 3:3.

Food for Thought: Ezekiel 22: 30

Memory verse: Matthew 9:38

Prayer: Lord, I surrender my life to serve as one of the labourers in Jesus name.

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