Consequences Of Rejecting The Gospel


Devotion for Sunday April 30, 2017

Topic: Consequences Of Rejecting The Gospel

Text: Luke 10:12 – 16

Most times some of us Christians fret and become angry when people reject us and our gospel message. It supposed not to be so. Why will you fret and become angry? You were not the one they rejected but the person who sent you. God is the owner of the field where we went to harvest. If people are not willing to accept your message, leave it at that because God is the one that will judge them at last. Here, Jesus posited that there are consequences of rejecting the gospel. Outside being rejected by God at last, their condition will be worse than that of Sodom, the evil city that was destroyed because they were evil; practising sodomy (Genesis 19).

Today, we use the name of the city to symbolize wickedness and immorality. As those who rejected the gospel will suffer on Judgment Day, it will be worse for cities which saw the Messiah and rejected Him. Jesus pronounced woe on Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum for rejecting him and the gospel. You should not develop a shamed face when people reject you and your gospel.

When you have the understanding that it is the Lord who gives increase to our labour, who causes repentance, you will not become angry. Your duty is to go and as you go, leave the issue of harvesting with god. He knows when and how to cause repentance. As you go out on evangelism, have in your mind to preach the gospel. Any other thing that follows should be inconsequential to you. Leave everything for God.

Food for Thought: Every action or inaction has its consequences.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 16

Prayer: Help me, O Lord, to preach the gospel and never to fret or get angry when people refuse to accept my gospel message.

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