God Is Our Stronghold


Devotion for Monday May 8, 2017 

Topic: God Is Our Stronghold

Text: Nahum 1:1 – 8

Our Lord is good and He manifests His goodness in various ways. God remembers mercy in the midst of judgment. Adam Clarke says, “None that trust in Him need be alarmed at these dreadful threatening; they shall be discriminated in the day of wrath, for the Lord knows them that trust in Him.” This is the evidence of His goodness. In our text, Nahum assures his people of safety in Jehovah under the impending attack of Sennacherib by saying that God is a stronghold in the day of trouble. God as a stronghold means that God alone is the one that can save them from the hands of Sennacherib.

In a time like this, we have so many challenges confronting us like Sennacherib confronted the Israelites. Note that God is our stronghold against all challenges of life (Ps 18:2). The challenge facing you may be healing, freedom from prison, securing a good job, getting someone to spend your life with, food to eat, etc. Remember, He never fails those who make Him their stronghold.

Beloved, let the words in Zech. 9:12 encourage you. As you cling to your stronghold and believe His word, He will guide you rightly and perfect all that concerns you. He will always keep safe all entrusted to Him because He knows His own (2 Tim. 2:19) except you are not His own.

Food for Thought: When you trust God sincerely you can never be frightened

Memory verse: Nahum 1 verse 7

Prayer: Lord, be my stronghold against the enemies’ attack on me and my family in Jesus name.

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