It Pays To Wait Upon God


Devotion for Friday May 12, 2017

Topic: It Pays To Wait Upon God

Text: John 5:1 – 9

The Psalmist said in Ps 130:5 that he will wait for the lord and hope in His word. Waiting upon God for salvation, healing and deliverance pays and none who does that, will ever be disappointed. Hannah was a woman that was seriously wounded by the taunting of Peninnah her mate (1 Samuel 1:1–18). Rather than gossip or quarrel with her, Hannah chose to wait on God to vindicate her which paid off with a special child – Samuel, a great prophet and many other children (1 Samuel 2:21).

Here is a pathetic story of a man sick for 38 years. Probably his people had abandoned him at the Pool of Bethsaida because they had given up on him. If he goes home, help is not there. If he stays, there is possibility of getting healed but no one there to assist him. Have people given up on you because of your evil ways, sin, sickness, etc? God will arise for you this season. God will remember you in Jesus name. However, the man preferred to stay, waiting patiently for the opportunity to step into the water even though there was nobody there to help him. Yet he will not go away.

Beloved, what is that problem confronting you now? Is it sickness, marriage, no child, quest for admission, job, etc? Just wait patiently on the Lord and He will answer you, and grant you the best. He did it for Zachariah and Elizabeth and also for many other people even in our world of today. Yours will not be an exception.

Food for Thought: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet – Rousseau.

Memory verse: John 5 verse 7

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to perseverance and wait on you for my blessings in Jesus name.

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