A Delightful Land


Devotion for Thursday July 13, 2017

Topic: A Delightful Land

Text: Malachi 3:9 -12

In our text is one of the blessings God has promised us when we honour Him with our tithes and offering (Malachi 3:9 – 12). Read through the passage and find out other blessings that go with tithing and offering. He assured that when Israel obey His word and honour Him with their tithes and offering, He would do great things amongst them which people would see and call their land delightsome.

What God promised was a peculiar blessing upon His people which would make their land a resemblance of Paradise, the garden of the Lord, Eden. When people begin to do what is expected, they will become delightsome. The period Malachi wrote this prophecy was a period of decay in the life of the Jews. They were actually waiting for the coming of the Messiah but not ready to comply with God’s demands hence, Malachi 3:1 – 3, 5 stated so. Is it similar to what we have today? Do a comparison of Malachi’s period and our present day society (Christianity).

Beloved, has God made you a delight for people around you? Are there evidences of God’s delight in your affairs? Probably, you have not cared to obey God and live out His commandments.  That could be the reason why there are no evidences that God delights in you.

These are some of the things that will make God and people to delight in you: having the fear of God, wisdom from God, blessings of God, when you love peace, righteousness and charity. God can make you a delight only when you delight in Him also (Psalm 1:2, 37:4 and 119:92). When we honour God, He reciprocates. Begin to do that today.

Food for Thought: Total obedience to God brings blessings and makes us a delight

Memory verse: Malachi 3:12

Prayer: Lord, may I delight in you always so that you will bless me and make me a delight in the eyes of the world.

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