Forsake All And Follow Jesus

Devotion for Monday March 12, 2018

Topic: Forsake All And Follow Jesus

Text: Luke 14:25 – 35

Following Christ means being His disciple. It involves total submission to Him above all other things of great value or intimacy to us. It has its consequences and costs. It can involve pain, persecution, diverse temptations and trials, pain, losses, hatred among others.

In our bible reading for the day, is one of the costs of being a disciple. Jesus said that anyone who wants to be His disciple should not love his or her family and life above Him. Have you forsaken all to follow Christ or you still have them as attachments to your body as you run this heavenly race? Jesus emphasized on the need for feasibility study of anything we want to undertake even repentance. He explained this by two similitude; the former showing that we must consider the expenses of our religion; the latter, that we must consider the perils of it.

In considering the cost of being a disciple, we should note that it involves mortifying of sin, even the most beloved lusts. It involves self-denial and submitting to will of God no matter how painful it may be while at the same time denying your own will no matter how good they may be. Jesus summed up His teaching here by telling the disciples what they ought to be in the society. He likened them to salt which is very expedient seasoning in any food. This means that we should also act as seasoning to our generation. Are you a seasoning to your family and the society? Sing A&M 333; Abu 212

Food for Thought: Have you really forsaken all for Christ?

Memory verse: Luke 14:26

Prayer: My father in heaven, remove whatever will endanger my relationship with you so I will be a faithful disciple in Jesus name. Amen

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